Emplois ( Basique ) : Travailler sur un projet

Learn essentials on working with jobs, where to find your jobs assigned and how to view them. Track time spent on jobs directly from your existing jobs, edit them, delete—and more.

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Accessing jobs

Once a job is assigned to you, it's visible on your Insights page. You’ll see your jobs sorted into four groups: Overdue, Approaching deadline, No activity and All. This way, you’re always aware of what you should do first and how the work progresses. Here's more on the jobs widget on the Insights page. 

You can also view all jobs in the  Calendar view by clicking on Jobs tab. Here's more on calendar views

Another way of viewing jobs is  Workflow > Jobs page. Jobs that have been already completed and archived are displayed on a separate tab. Here's more on the jobs list.

To see all the jobs for a single client, go to  Clients > Accounts from the left menu bar, click on the client’s name, and then go to the Workflow tab. Active and archived jobs are displayed separately. 

Viewing job-related data

You can find all the information related to a job right in the job card. Once a job card is opened, you will elements linked to it, such as organizers, chats, invoices and so on, as well as which services have been provided to the client in the past in the Recent account jobs.

Track time in jobs

Track time spent on jobs directly from the existing job. Here's how:

1. Open a job and ensure a client is selected correctly, then click the  Track time link at the top right and start working on a job. You cannot track time for jobs where the client account is not selected.

A time entry is automatically linked to a job. You can now leave the job card, the timer will be displayed at the top of all TaxDome pages.

2. If needed, add a description, pause or finish the time entry right from the job card, or click the three dots to the right for editing and deleting it.

3. Once finished, you will see the Edit time entry sidebar. Make any changes you need, then click Save

If you have several time entries added for one job, the total time you've spent on them will be displayed inside the job card.


Note! Team members with the Manage time entries access right can view, edit and delete all the time entries for the job. Otherwise, they can only see timers they've created.

Editing jobs

Edit jobs to add specific details, track job time and more. You can edit one job at a time or in bulk.

There are many ways to edit a job:

  • From the pipeline: either in the Workflow section or from the client’s profile, click on the job card to expand it.
  • From the task list: If a job has a linked task, the name of the job is displayed in the list. Click on the name of the job to see its details.
  • From the Calendar view: Click on the job card to expand it.
  • From the Workflow > Jobs page: click on the name of the job or select several jobs to make changes in bulk.

Modification en masse projets

Pour modifier plusieurs projets immediatement:

  1. Cochez les cases à côté de projets dans la liste Tâches , puis cliquez sur Modifier. Utilisez des filtres pour affiner votre liste si nécessaire.
  2. Effectuez vos modifications, puis cliquez sur Sauvegarder .


Remarque : lors d'une modification groupée projets , vous ne pouvez pas lier des éléments, modifier projet noms, ou ajouter ou supprimer des commentaires. Si vous n'apportez aucune modification aux informations déjà présentes dans les champs, elles restent les mêmes. Si vous devez apporter des modifications, modifiez plutôt un projet à la fois.

projet commentaires

While you can use job comments in the job cards as reminders, it is also an easy way of communicating with your team members:

  • @Mention your team members to notify them of the job and keep chatting with them via replying to job comments in Inbox+.
  • Use text formatting, emojis, bullets, links and numbered lists.
  • Paste any image from the web and embed a video from Loom, YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive into the comment's text field.
  • Edit your comments anytime or delete them when you no longer need them. Note that only firm owners and admins can edit and delete comments left by other team members.

Seuls les trois derniers commentaires sont affichés, le plus récent étant en haut. Cliquez sur Voir plus pour afficher l'autre.

@Mentioning in job comments is also a quick way of giving team members access to the client account and/or pipeline. If you mention a team member who has no access, they will get a notification in their Inbox+ and will be able to request access right from the notification.

Une fois cela fait, tous les membres du cabinet qui peuvent accorder l’accès reçoivent une notification et peuvent accorder l’accès directement à partir de celle-ci. Une fois qu'un membre de l'équipe a obtenu l'accès, il peut accéder à la fois au compte et à l'application. pipeline .

Vous pouvez poursuivre votre communication en échangeant des commentaires. Si vous étiez mentionné sur un projet carte, vous pouvez répondre au commentaire directement depuis la Inbox+ notification. Tapez votre réponse, puis envoyez-la. Il sera ajouté comme nouveau commentaire sur le projet carte.


Conseil! Si vous souhaitez que le membre de votre équipe reçoive une notification pour votre commentaire, @mentionnez-le dans votre réponse. Dans le cas contraire, ils ne seront pas informés.

Qui peut faire ça ?

Once a team member has access to the client account they can do all actions with jobs within pipelines available to them:

  • View all of the firm’s jobs for their assigned accounts 
  • Add and edit jobs for assigned accounts
  • Change the job assignees
  • Move jobs from stage to stage
  • Track time inside a job
  • et ainsi de suite.

A firm owner and admins have access to all firm jobs. If you want employees to have access to all jobs, make sure pipelines are available for them and turn on the View all accounts access right.

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