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Our Organizers tool allows you to create custom-designed questionnaires and forms to get all the basic information you need from clients. In this article you will find out:

How Do I Know When Clients Submit Organizers?

Once a client has finished completing an organizer and clicked Submit, you’ll receive a notification by email and in your Inbox+. Click on the organizer’s name or the Go to... link to view it.

By default, you don’t receive a notification each time a client uploads a document to the organizer. However, if you wish to, toggle on Notify about document upload in the organizer template settings.

Change your notification preferences whenever you need to.

Modifying Organizer Answers

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To complete or edit an organizer for a client, click the three dots either to the right of the organizer in the list or in the preview mode, then select Change answers.

  • Every change you make to an organizer is recorded in the audit trail.
  • Organizers can be changed by a firm owner, Admin, or any employee with access rights to edit organizer answers.

In edit mode, all changes are automatically saved, so that you can close the organizer and resume answering questions at another time or from a different computer without losing anything you’ve entered. Edit the organizer as much as you need to. Once you’re done, look it over in read-only mode by clicking Back to view mode at the top of the page.

How Can Firms Submit Organizer For the Client?

There are several ways to submit an organizer, whether it’s fully or partly completed:

  • Select Submit organizer to move a job with a linked organizer to the next stage.

  • Click the three dots to the right of the organizer in the list or when reviewing the answers inside an organizer, then select Submit.

Viewing Accounts With Pending Organizers

If you’d like to see which of your clients still have pending organizers, click on Clients in the left sidebar menu to get to the Accounts page.

To filter the account list to see only the clients with pending organizers, follow these steps:

1. In the All Accounts tab, click FILTER in the far right of the menu bar.

2. Select Pending in the Organizers section, then click on APPLY.

A narrowed list then appears.


Note: If you archived the pending organizer, it will not be displayed when the Pending filter is applied.

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