Automation Examples (Basic): Sending Organizers


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Before any job can get done, you need to gather client info. Let your pipeline do the work for you: Automate your organizers so they go out to clients ASAP.

Add an Automation

To begin you’ll need an organizer template. (For detailed instructions, go to Custom Organizer Templates.)

Once you have an organizer template prepared:

1. Go to Settings, select Pipelines from the menu bar, then click on the pipeline name or the Create Pipeline button.

2. Choose the stage to which you would like to add the automation, click on the Add automations link, then choose Create organizer in the pull-down menu.

3. Select the template for the automation, then decide whether you want to toggle on the Reminders option: An additional email is sent to the client when they don’t complete the organizer within a time frame. (For more details about Automatic Reminders, go here.)

4. Click the Save button to save your changes. After the automaton is added, you can see it by going to the pipeline page and clicking the automation icon above the stage.

Once a job moves to a stage in the pipeline with a Create Organizer automation, a notification with the automation appears.

If you don’t want the organizer to be sent to the client, deselect the action, then click MOVE.

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