CPA Charge Integration (Advanced): Setting Up Recurring Payments

If you use CPACharge and offer bookkeeping or any other type of repeat service, you may want to consider setting up recurring payments for your clients who need certain jobs done on a regular basis. Charging them on a set schedule might give you way less to juggle!

To set up scheduled payments, go to the Schedule tab of your CPACharge account, then fill in the details.

On TaxDome, you can set up automatically generated invoices for scheduled payments. For instance, you would add a Create invoice automation to the first stage of the bookkeeping pipeline for the recurring job. To do this, go to the pipeline settings and fill in the details in the Recurrence section. Here, you also add the client accounts that need the repeat jobs and invoices. 

Recurring jobs, along with their invoices, are then automatically generated, and the client makes their repeat payment through CPACharge. For more details about recurring jobs, go here.

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