Document Statuses, Explained

Statuses help identify documents that need your attention and are color-coded for quick recognition.

Documents subtab has a column heading labeled STATUS. If a document has more than one status, only the first will be visible in the list. Hover your mouse over the bubble icon with a number in it to see the other statuses.

Here is the list of available statuses:

  • PENDING APPROVAL: You have sent the client an approval request, but they haven't approved the document yet.
  • APPROVED: The client has approved the document.
  • DISAPPROVED: The client declined to approve the document.
  • PREPARED FOR SIGNATURE: You have created a signature request, but haven’t sent it to the client yet.
  • PENDING SIGNATURE X/Y. You have sent a signature request to y number of users, and x number of users have either signed or declined to sign. Hover your mouse over the status icon to see the details and find out which signatures are still pending.
  • SIGNED: All users have signed the document.
  • DECLINED SIGNATURE: All users have declined to sign the document.
  • FAILED TO PASS KBA: None of the users have signed the document and at least one of them has failed the KBA.
  • SEALED. Status for the files in the top-level folders with Client can view and edit access level where it helps to identify the documents that were sealed. Read more about this here.
  • PENDING PAYMENT: The document is locked and waiting for the client to pay the linked invoice.
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