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TaxDome offers ready-made templates to get you quickly started—and to save you loads of time overall. Plus, you can easily edit templates to your liking. 

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Our Template Library

On TaxDome, you won’t have to create all of your work procedures from scratch. We have taken all of the most commonly used ones and turned them into templates, which you’ll find in our library. Look for the template you need, copy it and edit it according to your needs.

In our library, you’ll find templates for all of these procedures:

  • Pipelines
    Most popular: 
    Tax Return, Bookkeeping, Sales Tax and Payroll 
  • Tasks
    Most popular:
    Prepare Tax Return, Review Tax Return, Invoice Client, Request Client E-Signatures, E-File Return, Request Documents and Client Callback
  • Emails
    Most popular:
    Welcome to the Portal, Status Update Emails, E-signature Request, Ask for Review and Monthly Document Request
  • Contracts
    Most popular:
    Current Year Letter of Engagement and Privacy Policy and Consent to Use Tax Return Information
  • Organizers
    Most popular:
    Current Year Tax Questionnaire and New Client Questionnaire
  • Signatures
    Most popular:
    Form 2848, Form 8821 and Form 8879

To add templates, go to Settings from the left sidebar, select Templates in the menu bar, open the tab for the type of template you’re looking for, then click Copy from Library

Templates can be copied from the library by a firm owner, an admin or any team member who has access rights to manage templates.

Review the templates list, then click the copy icon to the far right of the template you want to use. It is then added to your templates list, and you’ll be able to edit it if needed. 


Tip: Keep your template lists clean and uncluttered. If you no longer need a template, delete it. 

Thanks to our clients, we’re constantly adding great new templates to our library. Would you like to share some of your pipeline templates with other TaxDome users? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Bulk Adding Templates From the Library by Copying Pipelines

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If you don’t have time to browse and view all of our templates and pick and choose, start by copying the pipeline templates for the services you offer. 

Go to Settings from the left sidebar, open the Pipelines tab, then click Copy from Library. Review the pipeline templates list, then click the copy icon to the far right of the template you want to use. 

Pipelines include stages and automations with templates, so by copying a pipeline template you’ll also get all the templates inside it, such as for tasks, messages, email, and so on. You’ll eventually need to review them to make sure they all work for you. 

Once the pipeline is copied, preview and edit it if needed. You may want to add/delete stages or add automations. Setting TaxDome up this way takes about 15 minutes, which is much quicker than doing it all from scratch. 


Note: If you delete a pipeline template, it won’t delete the automation templates used inside it.

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