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This article describes how to handle contracts (here, an agreement you make with a client) when you have multiple signers.

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Enabling Signing Contracts for Contacts

For a contract to be fully signed, all contacts linked to the account who have Enable signing Contracts selected must sign. You can make changes by navigating to the Info tab of the client’s profile.

  • By default, all contacts with login access have Enable signing Contracts selected.
    • Below, note how it says Signs Contracts beneath the contact’s email address.
    • By clicking on the three-dots icon to the right of a contact’s name, you can select Enable signing Contracts from the pull-down menu.

Disabling Signing Contracts for Contacts

If a contact’s signature is not required, click the three-dots icon to the right of the user’s name and select Disable signing Contracts.

Note the following about Disable signing Contracts:

  • ❌ If Does not sign Contracts is selected for all the contacts linked to an account, there won’t be anyone to send a contract to—so if you try to do this, you’ll receive an error message.
  • Once a contract is sent, you cannot add more signatories. To make changes, delete the contract and resend it once you have chosen the desired settings for each contact.
  • If one contact signs and others don’t but are removed, the contract will be considered fully signed. You’ll receive a notification letting you know in your Inbox+.
  • Contracts that have already been sent out prior to the release of the multiple-signatories feature and are not yet signed remain the same as they were. These require only one signatory, which can be any of the contacts linked to the account

Viewing Which Client Accounts Have Partially Signed Contracts

You can see which contract are partially signed by going to the Contracts tab of the account's profile. The first figure of the SIGNED column shows the number of contacts linked to the account who have signed the contract; the second, the total number of signatories required.

It's also possible to filter your client account list to see which have partially signed contracts:

1. Go to Clients, then click the FILTER button.

2. Select Partially Signed in the Contracts section, then click the APPLY button.

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