Contracts (Basic): Pending & Signed Contracts


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You can view the status of the contract to be signed. Here's how it can be done.

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How Do I Know Clients Have Signed a Contract?

Once the user of an account has signed a contract, you’ll receive a notification in your email and Inbox+. Click on the name of the document or on the Go to... link to review the signature status.

If multiple contacts linked to the account have Enable signing Contracts selected, you’ll see which ones have or haven’t signed the document.


Note! You can change your notification preferences anytime.

Viewing Which Client Accounts Have Pending and/or Partially Signed Contracts

Filter your client account list to see which have pending or partially signed contracts:

1. Go to Clients, then click the FILTER button.

2. Select Pending or Partially Signed in the Contracts section, then click the APPLY button.

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