Mobile App: How to Change Push Notification Settings


This page applies to TaxDome Pro! pricing plan only. You can upgrade anytime.

By default, you receive push notifications about all TaxDome activity. Choose the ones you prefer not to receive by tapping the gear icon on the top right, then going to Push notifications, and toggling them off.

What the toggles mean:


  • A client pays an invoice
  • An invoice is overdue


  • A client or another team member submits an organizer.


  • A client uploads a document via their portal, the app, a file request link, or an organizer.
  • A client indicates that they are done uploading documents.
  • A client opens a document.
  • A client approves a document.
  • A client disapproves a document.
  • A client signs a document.
  • A client declines to sign a document.


  • A task is assigned to you.
  • A task is due in three days.


  • A client or a team member sends a new message.
  • A client or a team member replies to a chat thread.
  • A client or a team member makes changes to a task list inside a chat thread.
  • Bulk sending messages fails.


  • A client signs a contract.
  • Bulk sending contracts fails.


  • A job was created via automation.
  • Automatic jobs creation fails.


  • You were mentioned either in the chat thread or in the account note.


  • Sending email fails.
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